This year’s conference, EconoUs2018: An Economy that Works for All, follows the broad themes of:


(inclusive communities)


(sustainable economies)


(local prosperity)

Local livelihoods, local prosperity, sustainable community economic development, and the overall health of communities and people can be strengthened by new and exciting initiatives that unite environmental, economic and social goals, in areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Food Production
  • Renewable Energy
  • Community Finance
  • Health & Social Care
  • Commons
  • Housing
  • Mobility/Transportation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education/Learning

Sessions at EconoUs2018 will seek to:


  • create new and strengthen existing relationships among community leaders who share similar challenges, concerns, goals & values;
  • promote new ideas, resources and strategies to strengthen CED efforts;
  • contribute to skills development, capacity building, networking and information sharing;
  • provide opportunities for learning and dialogue on the diversity of approaches and models led by urban, rural, aboriginal, linguistic and cultural minorities, and northern communities to meet their needs;
  • advance regional and Canadian policy agendas to strengthen communities by supporting and investing in CED.