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EconoUs2019 seeks to highlight how communities are leading innovation to confront the critical social, economic and environmental issues of our time. Together we can strengthen our communities, generate solutionary ideas, and nurture connections for a more sustainable and equitable future. We invite a diversity of proposals that share innovations, highlight transformational practices, and engage participants actively.

In preparing your submission, please ensure the questions are completed as fully as possible. Sessions will be selected based on the information you provide here.

Final selection: EconoUs2019 will inform applicants if their submission is selected by May 17th.

If you have any questions, you can contact Hannah Renglich with the Canadian CED Network at h.renglich at or by phone at 416-760-2554.

Session facilitators will receive 50% off full registration to EconoUs2019 or a free registration for the day of their session.


1. Storytelling Sessions
(15 minutes)

Story is a powerful form of communication that takes listeners on a learning journey. Share your story of success and/or struggle, highlighting the key lessons you’ve learned. Stories can be told in a variety of ways, including, speech, presentation, performance art, song, dance, video, etc. – we welcome a variety of creative formats!

Possible themes for Storytelling Sessions:

  • Creative Economy
  • Community Finance
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education/Learning
  • Establishing a growth mindset for community development
  • Food
  • Health & Social Care
  • Housing
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous Economies Defined: Untapped Potential
  • Innovation models that include diverse voices
  • Mobility/Transportation
  • Multi-stakeholder problem-solving
  • Place-based design
  • Reconciliation & Decolonization
  • Renewable Energy
  • Rural and Remote Economic Development
  • Social Justice
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Technology Advancement & AI
  • Women in Leadership
  • Youth Leadership & Employment

2. Skill-Building Workshops (45 minutes)

You have skills that can help foster innovating communities…can you teach them to others? Skill-building workshops should prioritize engagement and build on the information and ideas shared by attendees. If you’re interested in facilitating a deeper dive, you can apply for two skill-building workshop blocks.

Possible themes for the Skill-Building Workshops:

  • Board Training
  • Business Development, Training and Counselling
  • Climate Resilience
  • Community Lending & Financing
  • Community Organizing Approaches
  • Developmental Evaluation
  • In Business with Indigenous Communities and Businesses
  • Innovations for Inclusive and Sustainable Community Economies
  • Leadership Skills for a New Economy
  • Organizational Change
  • Risk Management
  • Small Business Financing
  • Social Enterprise Development
  • Social Impact Measurement
  • Storytelling & Organizing

3. Creative Process (60 minutes)

Tap into the breadth and depth of wisdom, perspectives and engagement of the community assembling at this year’s conference, by proposing a facilitation approach to address “critical social, economic and environmental issues of our time”. These sessions engage with challenges and tensions, help identify opportunities and surface practical solutions that can be worked on beyond the conference. This is an opportunity to experiment, jam and stretch our practices in new ways and with each other.

Possible themes for the Creative Processes:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Council of All Beings
  • Design Jams
  • Journey Mapping
  • Land-Based Innovation
  • Mini-Social Innovation Labs
  • Rapid Prototyping, Sprints and Scrums
  • Solutions Salons

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