Conference Program






9:00am - 6:00pm | Regional Tours

Regional tours are not included in the registration price

Acadian Coastal Tour

Info: Meet in the Lobby of Delta Beauséjour at 9:00am

Enjoy a day along New Brunswick’s Eastern shore on a journey through the life of a lobster, from hatchery to adulthood. Explore the marine ecosystem with a tour of Shediac’s Homarus Eco Centre, followed by a cruise on Shediac Bay to learn about lobster fishing and the tips and tricks to cooking and eating this delicious crustacean…and of course you’ll get to enjoy a lobster meal fit for a king!  Finally, you’ll learn how lobster traps are made and visit North America’s largest exporter of herring. Before heading back you’ll get to hear the Acadian lilt during a tour of Cap Pele Village and visit the Smokehouse Museum.

Tour price : $149/person, lunch included

Bay of Fundy Coastal Tour

Info: Meet in the Lobby of Delta Beauséjour at 8:45am

Explore the Fundy Valley by visiting a local greenhouse where you will learn about Foods of the Fundy Valley. Then take a short trip to the Historical Riverside Consolidated School for a tour of this 1902 landmark. At the school you will hear a presentation on community revitalization plans for the area before continuing to an interpretive hike by the Fundy Guild in breathtaking Fundy National Park. Afterwards, replenish your energy in neighbouring Alma at the Buddha Bear Cafe and check out local arts and crafts in Cleveland Place Artisan Shop & Bookstore.

Tour price : $99/person, lunch not included but can be purchased in Alma

Mi’kmaq Basket Making & Heritage Path Tour

Info: Meet in the Lobby of Delta Beauséjour at 10:45am

Immerse yourself in traditional Mi’kmaq culture as you learn the fine art of basket making in Elsipogtog First Nation. After a traditional greeting, you will head into the woods along the Heritage Path for a smudging ceremony before learning about the trees used for basket making. You will also get to see a teepee made by the very same elders who will be your teachers. After an introduction to the materials and processes, you will make a nest basket under the guidance of the elders. As you work on your basket, you will learn some traditional Mi’kmaq ways and phrases. By the end of the day, you will leave enriched by the teachings of the elders, carrying a basket that you yourself have woven.  (Led by Roads to Sea Guided Tours.)

Tour price : $199/person, lunch included

7:00pm - 9:00pm | Opening Reception

The Big IDEA for Real Change

Building an Economy that Works for All requires new systems and ways of understanding our world so all people and the environment are deeply valued. To do this, the leadership and participation of historically disadvantaged and equity-seeking groups is a necessity. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) are essential to creating organizations and communities that reflect our aspirations. In an era of #MeToo, Truth & Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter and LGBT2SQ+, are our practices keeping pace?

This conversation with Natasha Jackson, Carol Anne Hilton, Joanna Reynolds, Bill Ninacs and Sarah Leeson-Klym (moderator) will examine what IDEA means from different perspectives, and what we all can do to apply it everyday.

*Meal not included in the evening.


7:30am - 9:00am | Breakfast & Plenary Session

Exploring the Opportunities of Social Innovation and Social Finance

Over the past year, a Co-Creation Steering Group has been working with the Government of Canada to provide recommendations for the development of a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy.  The strategy could be the most significant national policy opportunity in a generation.  Members of the Steering Group (David LePage, David Upton, Marie Bouchard and Francine Whiteduck) will share what they heard in their year of engagement across Canada, how the strategy could accelerate community innovation across the country, and how to get involved.

09:00am - 09:20am | Networking Break
9:20am - 9:45am | Storytelling Sessions Block A

Review the descriptions for the sessions in Block A

S1. The social economy: an essential tool in the fight against poverty (Beauséjour B) S2. How an Environmental Non-Profit can Contribute to Local Prosperity (Restigouche) S3. Promoting Local Investment in New Brunswick through Community Economic Development Corporations (Shediac A)
S4. City and Community: Co-Creating Inclusive Prosperity (Ballroom C) S5. Increasing Impact and Strengthening Networks though Collaborative Social Enterprise (Shediac B) S6. Import Replacement:A Powerful Strategy for Local Economies (Petitcodiac)
S7. How Can We Convince Buyers to Buy Social? (Beauséjour A) S8. Reconnecting Youth to the Gitxsan Territory through Food Sovereignty (Shediac C) S9. Women’s Leadership and Aboriginal Entrepreneurship (Ballroom A/B)

Storytelling sessions share stories of success or struggle and the key lessons learned.

09:45am - 09:55am | Break
9:55am - 10:20am | Storytelling Sessions Block B

Review the descriptions for the sessions in Block B

S10. What’s on the Menu? Dishing up Local Food in New Brunswick Institutions (Petitcodiac) S11. The Ecosystem Collective: A Chamber of Commerce for Low-Carbon Development (Beauséjour B) S12. The Alberta Investment Tax Credit: Canada’s Newest CEDIF (Restigouche)
S13. We Change the Road as We Walk It (Shediac A) S14. Achieving Social and Professional Integration through Creative Work (Beauséjour A) S15. Social Enterprise: A Global Immune System Response to the Business Status Quo (Ballroom C)
S16. Scaling the Impact of Local Business Networks through Social Procurement (Ballroom A/B) S17. The ‘Write’ Way to CED: Publishing in Pukatawagan (Shediac B) S18. Nova Scotia Social Enterprise Ecosystem (Shediac C)

Storytelling sessions share stories of success or struggle and the key lessons learned.

10:20am - 10:30am | Break
10:30am - 10:55am | Storytelling Sessions Block C

Review the descriptions for the sessions in Block C

S19. Carry On Farming: Tools to Help Sustain Rural Communities through Local Food (Restigouche) S20. Weaving Together the Social Innovation Field (Shediac C) S21. Growing Co-op Investment (Beauséjour B)
S22. Empowering Leaders: An Asset-Based Approach to Community Innovation (Ballroom C) S23. Linking Arms: Collaborative Leadership for a New Economy (Shediac A) S24. The Enormous Potential of Business Succession through Cooperatives (Beauséjour A)
S25. Creating Community Impact through Social Procurement (Shediac B) S26. Regional Aboriginal Partnership on Renewable Energy (Ballroom A/B) S27. Transformative Change: Altering the Outcomes Downstream (Petitcodiac)

Storytelling sessions share stories of success or struggle and the key lessons learned.

10:55am - 11:05am | Break
11:05am - 11:35am | Plenary Session

A Sustainable Environment is a Vital Part of an Economy that Works for All

We often view the economy as a silo. The field of economics predominately focusses on sheer numbers: revenues and expenses. When our economic activity has negative impacts we call them externalities, as though people and the environment in which we live stand outside the economy. The economy is not a silo but is embedded within the environment and within society, respectively. Social workers and environmentalists cannot only focus on mitigating the ‘externalities’ of the economy; we must work together to address the root causes and create systems change. Without a sustainable environment there are no sustainable economies and there are no sustainable livelihoods. We need to break this vicious circle.

Join a dialogue between Dale Prest (Chief Executive Officer, the Climate Forest Company) and Lois Corbett (Executive Director, Conservation Council of New Brunswick) to explore the connection between environmental sustainability and an economy that works for all.

11:35am - 11:45am | Break
11:45am - 1:00pm | Lunch & Plenary Session

Building a Fair Economy from the Ground Up

City Councillors Matthew Green (Hamilton, ON), Matthew Brown (Preston, UK) and Maeva Vilain (Montreal, P.Q.) are community organizers and elected officials committed to equity in local economic development. They will discuss how they’re approaching current challenges and developing promising strategies to build community wealth — through democratic processes and structures. This plenary discussion will be moderated by Colette Murphy, Executive Director of the Atkinson Foundation. She is the co-founder of the Power Lab, a new leadership learning initiative for people organizing historically disadvantaged and equity-seeking communities to have a powerful voice in Canada’s public infrastructure development process.

1:00pm - 1:10pm | Break
1:10pm - 2:25pm | Skill Building Workshops Block A

Review the descriptions for the workshops in Block A

W1. Building momentum for social innovation and social finance (Ballroom A/B) W2. Community Benefits 101 (Restigouche) W3. Peer Coaching: A Collaborative Leadership Lab (Petitcodiac)
W4. Growing Community Finance in Canada: Tax Credits, Building the Movement Across Canada (Ballroom C) W5. Scaling Up Employment Social EnterprisesAcross Canada: Advocating for Social Costs Funding in Your Community (Shediac B) W6. The Four Tangents Model: A Tool for Developing Innovative Entrepreneurial Projects (Beauséjour A)
W7. Moving Local Knowledge and Experiences into Public Policy (Shediac A) W8. Leveraging Employer Partnerships to Create an Inclusive Labour Market (Shediac C) W9. The Amazing Story of Revitalization in Bonavista Newfoundland (Beauséjour B)

Skills-building workshops will be interactive sessions that will teach skills that can help create ‘an economy that works for all’.

2:25pm - 2:35pm | Break
2:35pm - 4:00pm | Skill Building Workshops Block B

Review the descriptions for the workshops in Block B

W10. How do We Talk About an Economy that Works for All? (Beauséjour B) W11. Revitalizing Communities: Changing the Destiny of Rural Towns (Ballroom C) W12. To Action! An introduction to Engagement Organizing (Restigouche) ***CANCELLED***
W13. Community-Based Social Innovation Labs in Rural, Remote and Northern Communities (Ballroom A/B) W14. Building Bridges to Employment through Social Enterprise (Shediac A) W15. An Intentional Collaboration to Grow a Local CED Ecosystem (Shediac C)
W16. Building Better Quality Jobs for Indigenous People (Beauséjour A) W17. Breaking Down Barriers: A Community Approach towards Changing the Landscape of Employment (Shediac B) W18. Social Impact 101: Mission, Model, Measure (Petitcodiac)

Skills-building workshops will be interactive sessions that will teach skills that can help create ‘an economy that works for all’.

4:00pm - 6:30pm | Local Tours

Acadian Arts and Culture Tour

Immerse yourself in the Acadian arts and cultural scene by taking in a mini concert with local talent before heading out for a walk.  See the beautiful Parc des arts du Sommet and listen to a presentation on Acadian Ingenuity.  Tour the Aberdeen Arts and Cultural Centre and hear about Artists as Social Entrepreneurs.  A guided visit of the Galerie Sans Nom Coop will present Contemporary Art in Acadia.  Finish off with dinner at your choice of local restaurant.

Riverfront Bike Tour

Start your two-wheeled journey on the Moncton side of the picturesque Petitcodiac River to see history in the making and hear the story of the Moncton-Riverview Causeway and the largest river restoration project in Canadian history.  Ride over the causeway to take in the sights from the other side of the river in Riverview and visit the Chocolate River Station.  Here you will hear a brief presentation by Lady Boss Collective on Small Business and Social Enterprise, grab a bite to refuel at Buddha Bear Café and browse the locally produced maple products at Briggs Maple before winding your way back over Moncton.

This tour is sponsored by the Town of Riverview

Urban Arts and Culture Walking Tour

Discover Moncton’s Downtown arts scene in this guided walking tour.  You will be amazed with the newly renovated Capitol Theatre before venturing down the streets of Moncton to see 16 larger-than-life INSPIRE murals.  Then take in some fine art at the Apple Art Gallery where you will be served refreshments.  Finish off with dinner at your choice of local restaurant.

This tour is sponsored by the United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick

6:30pm - 7:30pm | Dinner Break (dinner not provided)
7:30pm - 9:30pm | An Evening of Film (FREE)

Reception at 7:30 pm – Mezzanine


“The Social Shift”

75 minutes
7:45 pm – Ballroom

Travel with us as we drive across the nation, floating on a geographic canvas of consumption and inequity, kindness and generosity and, most of all, a drive for change. We will share the stories of fired-up citizens adding a different type of value to the world through business: social value. Value that is not only economic, but improving people’s lives and bettering society; that builds communities, protects the environment, supports local and employs people of all abilities; a type of value that lives up to the responsibilities that our world and future rely on. Hilarious, informative and heartfelt, this is a journey that will leave viewers inspired, engaged and ready to contribute to making the world a more inclusive and sustainable place for all. 

“Climate Change and the Human Prospect”

40 minutes
7:45 pm – Beausejour A

A two and one-half day intensive discussion with global and local thinkers to define a path to restore and revitalize local communities in the face of climate change.

Sixty years after the original Pugwash Retreat on nuclear proliferation, humankind faces the legacy of an industrialized world, Climate Change. It is the defining crisis of our times, and as citizens of this Earth, we recognize and acknowledge it is a tragedy of our own making.

Inspired by this original gathering and armed with a conviction that local action is not only possible, but the path forward, 24 global and regional Thinkers, representing all aspects of community life, gathered for two and a half days of intense, intentional conversation focused on actionable, locally-focused and forward-motion Climate Change plans. We believe this retreat can be a significant part of fostering a Climate Change Movement in Atlantic Canada.  This retreat was a beginning, a first step toward what we hope will be an ongoing and positive movement generating new ideas and innovations to help our communities survive and thrive in the midst of changes to come.

Short Documentary

6 minutes
8:40 pm – Beausejour B

CEDEC has partnered with two Indigenous communities, training providers and local employers to develop an integrated learning model that leverages resources to support training in Essential Work Place, Customer Service & second language skills. The objective is better skills alignment and improved employment outcomes for low essential skilled individuals enabling them to access employment in the tourism sector in the Gaspésie and Kebaowek (North‐Western Quebec)

Training has kicked off in Kebaowek and the film we have produced is telling the story of the partnerships that were created to get to this point. Sepaq will be opening a national park in the summer and they have been enthusiastic about working with local indigenous people. 

“The Inclusive Economy”

26 minutes
9:00 pm – Beausejour B

« The Inclusive Economy: Stories of Community Economic Development (CED) in Manitoba » was created by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba and CCEDNet Manitoba with Rebel Sky Media.

All around us we see the results of the gaps that capitalism leaves. The Inclusive Economy gives a glimpse into the world of CED, and showcases the good work that’s going on right here in our province. Economists, CED practitioners, and employees of Social Enterprises and Co-ops share their experiences to give a full picture of an economy that is for and by people.

The film was premiered at an event in Winnipeg at the end of January. This premiere was free, and following the screening, there was a panel discussion featuring a few of the individuals seen in the film.

This film was made in conjunction with Community Economic Development in Manitoba: Theory, History, Policy and Practice a report detailing the history of CED in Manitoba.

This film was made in conjunction with a report detailing the history of CED in Manitoba. The report is forthcoming and will be available at the launch.

This project was funded through the generous financial support of the of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council through the Manitoba Research Alliance’s project: Partnering for Change: Community Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner City Poverty.  


8:00am - 9:15am | Breakfast & Plenary

The Power of Community

Locality – Tony Armstrong

EconoUs2018 is proud to host Tony Armstrong from Locality, England’s leading membership network supporting community organizations to be strong and successful.  Through many years of severe austerity and a Localism Act that introduced new powers for communities, Locality took a ‘Local by Default’ approach to public services, supporting community ownership of assets, neighbourhood planning and a Localism Commission that has charted a course for communities to take back power. Locality’s experience offers instructive insights into how we might take action to renew the power of community here in Canada.

9:15am - 11:00am | Co-Navigating New Routes to an Economy that Works for All - Breakout A
Using a Theory U approach led by the team from NouLab, the final morning of EconoUs2018 will allow participants to take a step back and reflect on what’s been learned and what’s next, both personally and collaboratively.   Think about the work you are doing, questions you have and places you are stuck. We’ll draw on the talent in the room to accelerate action, take fresh perspectives, and bring great ideas to life.
11:00am - 11:30am | Networking Break
11:30am - 12:45pm | Co-Navigating New Routes to an Economy that Works for All - Breakout B
Using a Theory U approach led by the team from NouLab, the final morning of EconoUs2018 will allow participants to take a step back and reflect on what’s been learned and what’s next, both personally and collaboratively.   Think about the work you are doing, questions you have and places you are stuck. We’ll draw on the talent in the room to accelerate action, take fresh perspectives, and bring great ideas to life.
12:45pm - 1:00pm | Networking Break
1:00pm - 2:30pm | Lunch & Closing Plenary
More details will be posted soon.