ECONOUS2018 Accommodations


Our vision of a future where there is “enough, for all, forever” really does mean for all. Increasing ease of access for people of every identity and ability and aligning our work with our values and vision of the future is at the heart of transforming our economy, systems, and practices. We acknowledge this is a practice we have to keep working at, so we might not get it all right, but at the Gathering, this is how we worked to support accessibility and align with our values.


  • Offering a pay-what-you-can fee so financial access is less of a concern
  • Providing lists of spaces with free wifi for individuals without a secure internet connection, upon request and availability subject to COVID restrictions.
  • Access to technical equipment (computers, headphones, speakers, etc) for the duration of the conference
  • Zoom how-to tutorial hosted by CCEDNet before the conference
  • How-to guides for participants and presenters
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters during the plenary and learning sessions
  • Closed captioning during the plenary and learning session
  • Enabling the universal keyboard function on Zoom
  • Acknowledgement of the ongoing need for consent in a digital space. Our guiding document for digital consent can be found here.
  • In every decision possible, we purchase and contract with local suppliers, focusing on social enterprises and cooperatives creating job opportunities for local people.