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 The Gathering is an annual pay-what-you-can event where Manitoba’s community builders connect, learn, and celebrate success. It is open to all from staff of community organizations, to civil servants, funders, students, academics, or anyone interested in community development and community economic development.

For 19 years, Manitoba community builders have gathered every October to connect over a shared meal, to learn from one another’s work, and to celebrate the challenging but necessary practice of building stronger communities. 

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LEARN about strategies for generating inclusive communities, sustainable environments and local prosperity
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SHARE our successes, challenges and questions on how to create inclusive communities, sustainable environments and local prosperity
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REINVIGORATE efforts for change in your community and organization through stories, new ideas, knowledge and connections


In community work, we are called to collaborate: with our colleagues, stakeholders, funders, community members, or across movements. We hear how challenging it can be to work together in collaborative arrangements or across issues, even though most people believe that solidarity and joint action would benefit us, particularly in the current political environment. 

The Gathering is one logical thing we can offer to this challenge.

It has been a privilege for us at the Canadian CED Network to host this container, and to hold the stories and history of our community sector. Thank you to every single person who has participated, volunteered, coordinated, presented, worked, sponsored, provided feedback or contributed energy to this event. It continues to exist because of you. 

CCEDNet Manitoba is grateful to the leaders from our network who have devoted their time and expertise in guiding the Gathering:

  • Brendan Reimer, Assiniboine Credit Union
  • Dawn Sands, North End Community Renewal Corporation
  • Denise Macdonald, West Central Women’s Resource Centre
  • Jessica da Silva, Youth Agencies Alliance
  • Marianne Cerilli
  • Melissa Chung, AMIK
  • Naomi Gichungu, United Way Winnipeg
  • Vera Goussaert , Manitoba Cooperative Association


You can review past Gatherings here