Conference Program

We Want a Gathering for All!

This year’s conference will take place December 1-4 over Zoom meeting.

Throughout the four days, plenary sessions, learning sessions, and connecting sessions will be held. Virtual events will not run concurrently, but sequentially, so that everyone has the opportunity to attend all sessions.

Each morning at 8AM you will receive that day’s zoom meeting link in your inbox via the email address you used to register for the conference. Please check your spam folder if you do not initially see it in your inbox.

There is only one zoom link per day as the meeting will span the entire day. You are welcome to join and leave the meeting as your schedule allows or stay on the call to continue conversations, or enjoy the entertainment (stay tuned for announcements!) All sessions will be held in this meeting format (not webinar), so we encourage you to keep your camera on!

While on the Zoom meeting, there will be a room host as well as an individual assigned to help with any technical issues you may be experiencing. 

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, CCEDNet is hosting a free how-to Zoom tutorial on the platform the day before the conference, Monday, November 30th from 12:00-1PM. A link to this tutorial will be sent out to registrants the week before the conference. 

What are the types of sessions being offered?

Plenary: Everyone is encouraged to attend plenaries which will open and close the event. Hear from keynote speakers, be part of beginning and ending the event with ceremony, and more. Keynote speakers will be spotlighted for attendees to view.

Panel Discussion/Peer Learning Session: This type of Learning Session will feature a panel, shared learning opportunities, group discussion, and more engaging ways to learn about the topic. Panelists will be spotlighted for attendees to view but people are encouraged to leave their camera on.

Training Session: This type of Learning Session will be led by one or two facilitators or trainers who will guide participants through an interactive workshop-style learning experience.

Connecting Session: These sessions will be lightly facilitated by the CCEDNet team to allow you chances to connect over shared interests with other community builders through small breakout room opportunities via Zoom meeting.  

*The program for The Gathering is still in development. Titles, descriptions and event times may be subject to change.