Adult learners in a classroom with the words "Program" in white overlayed at the bottom left of the image

This year’s conference will take place December 7-9 over Zoom. 

The Gathering Opening, Closing, and four panel discussions will be standalone and open to all participants. Workshops will be held with up to three at a time.

Come and connect! After each panel discussion and workshop, participants will be invited to stay on the call to continue the conversation in a casual but facilitated breakout group. If you are keen to learn more, further connect with other participants, or have a question answered, be sure to stick around! 

Each morning, you will receive a reminder email with a link for the day’s Zoom event via the email address you used to register for the conference. Please check your spam folder if you do not initially see it in your inbox.

There will be one link to join the Zoom event per day. You are welcome to join and leave sessions throughout the day as your schedule allows, or stay on and attend all of the Gathering! All sessions will be held in the meeting format (not webinar) so we encourage you to keep your camera on.

There will be a staff person available to support you on technical issues you might be experiencing. 

And, we hope you engage and relax in the music, fun, and movement breaks scheduled throughout the three days!

Here are more details on the three kinds of sessions:

Gathering Opening and Closing: Plenary-style, all participants, speakers, and attendees will hear from the Gathering’s Elder and a keynote speaker. Use of Zoom chat optional

Panel Discussion: Primarily listening-only events, Zoom conversation encouraged, some Q&A with audience participation

Workshops: More participatory, smaller group discussion, more direct learning or participation