Libro Credit UnionWe all have a big role to play to influence positive change in our communities. The current challenges in society and in our communities cannot be solved by governments and nonprofits alone. Businesses need to be involved, too.

Having a social purpose and harnessing the power of business as a force for good is not only a good thing to do to help build stronger communities but it is also good for business.

And, at the core of every business there is a team of people who make everything possible.

In 2018, the Old East Village community in London Ontario was left without convenient access to a full-service financial institution. Local organizations reached out to Libro Credit Union, and a team of staff was brought together to use an innovation methodology to identify a means for Libro to meet the financial services needs of the Old East Village community and contribute to revitalization efforts in the area.

These staff were passionate about finding a solution that made sense for Libro as a company, that was good for our customer-Owners and that could benefit the community. Through insights gathering and using Human Centered Design, they arrived at the conclusion that in order to be the financial institution of choice for Old East Village residents and businesses and a trusted community partner, Libro should open a physical location in the area. The next challenge was to identify what type of location. The team explored options with an open mind and Libro will be opening a satellite location, not a full branch, this fall, in a relatively small space at Dundas and Ontario – and we hope to expand to meet demand as it grows.

Libro’s purpose is growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario by transforming banking. To do this, we need a team of people who are bold, inclusive, accountable and joyful. We need a team that believes in Libro and believes in our communities. We need a team of epic humans!

It is Libro’s responsibility and the responsibility of all employers with a social purpose to ensure that their relationship with their workers is positively impacting their lives. Having a good corporate culture, work environment, worker health and safety practices and other employee-centric policies such as being a Living Wage employer are fundamental if you want your business and communities to thrive.  When your staff succeeds, your business succeeds, when your business succeeds and you are a purpose-based company, your community succeeds too, and more people who share your values will choose you.

Libro is proud to be named one of the Best For The World honorees among certified B Corporations in recognition of positive impact on the environment, workforce, local communities, suppliers, customers and corporate governance. This means we are among the 10% of all B Corps across all of these impact areas.  Every day our 680 staff put our purpose into practice helping Owners and our communities to thrive and prosper.