CCEDNet Membership

Membership in the Canadian CED Network is open to organizations and individuals that share our values and objectives.



You will be directed to purchase a membership on the CCEDNet website. After purchasing your membership, you will immediately receive a coupon code to apply your discount for your registration to ECONOUS2018. You can also print and return our PDF Membership form by mail with a cheque or by fax with your credit card information.

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  • CCEDNet gives you the opportunity to belong to a national movement and to shape policies that support your work for healthy, strong communities.
  • CCEDNet enables community leaders to make positive social, economic and environmental change at local, regional and national levels by providing a forum to discuss, identify, implement and support new approaches for inclusive communities.
  • CCEDNet helps organizations become more effective and sustainable by providing sector intelligence, professional development, knowledge of effective practices, peer input, resources, opportunity identification and advocacy on behalf of our members.


  • Being part of a growing national movement for inclusive and sustainable communities
  • Setting the priorities and direction of the Network by voting in Board elections and at the Annual General Meeting
  • Free access to CCEDNet webinars and discounts to events and workshops
  • Discounted access to a powerful outcome measurement and social return on investment platform
  • Having the opportunity to host a CreateAction intern and help a young practitioner ‘break in’ to CED
  • Promotion on CCEDNet’s website through our member map and directory
  • Contributing to policy outreach with the strength of CCEDNet’s members behind our activities


  • Regular Members:  CCEDNet members are either individuals or organizations.  The fee for regular membership varies based on ability to pay (see table below).
  • Sustaining Members:  The ‘Sustaining Member’ fee level is for members who can afford to contribute more to CCEDNet’s mission. In addition to the member benefits listed above, Sustaining members will be acknowledged in annual reports, on the CCEDNet website and in newsletters, and can request a receipt for income tax purposes for the amount paid above the regular membership fee. Suggested Sustaining Member rates are flexible – you can contribute any amount more than the regular membership fee.
  • Member Associates:  A Member Associate is an employee of an organizational member. Your organization must be a member of the Canadian CED Network to purchase an associate membership. A Member Associate receives all of the Network’s benefits with the exception of eligibility to vote on resolutions and hold office within the Canadian CED Network.


Membership Fee
Sustaining member
Suggested Fee
Student / low income* $40
Individual $95 $180
Organizational budget < $100,000 $95 $190
Organizational budget $100,000 – $250,000 $250 $500
Organizational budget $250,000 – $500,000 $350 $700
Organizational budget $500,000 – $1,000,000 $500 $1,000
Organizational budget > $1,000,000 $750 $1,500
Member Associate(s) $50/associate $100/associate
*As part of CCEDNet’s barrier-free membership policy, individuals not able to pay the “Student/low-income” membership rate can request a reduced rate.