About EconoUs2017

The social and environmental issues we face as a global society appear to be increasing in number and magnitude. Even though we live in a time of unparalleled prosperity and abundance too many people continue to struggle to find suitable housing, access healthy food and clean water, and to earn a living wage – even in such a wealthy country as Canada. We’ve never lived closer to one another and yet we’ve never felt so isolated from one another. Climate change and other mounting environmental issues seem poised to only exacerbate the social issues we face. The predicaments before us are not only systemic in nature, they are interrelated. At their very base is our economic system, which actively suppresses democracy, shirks accountability to people and the planet, and concentrates money and power in the hands of the few.

EconoUs brings people together from across Canada to explore the positive solutions to the great systemic challenges of our time. A ‘great man’ cannot and will not save us and the planet, but a ‘great community’ can. That’s why the economy can’t be about ‘me’ – it has to be about all of us, EconoUs. EconoUs is built on the long history of successful national conferences organized by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) and partners across the country since 2001.